Due to labor challenges, automation is increasingly being implemented in irrigation systems.
Effectively everything in your irrigation system can be automated.

Automation gives you the capability to monitor & control the complete irrigation system.


What automation can do

  • Control

    • Valves – for irrigation scheduling
    • Pumps – activation and control
    • Fertilizer and chemical injection
    • Filters – back-flush
    • Local PLCs
    • Lights
  • Monitor

    • Valve status
    • Pump status – status and failures
    • Flow meters & pressure sensors – monitor fluctuations
    • Water quality (pH, EC, etc.)
  • Automate

    • IF-THEN programming (e.g. frost protection system activation)
    • Real time alerts & alarms


Choosing automation

  • Basic

    • A standalone system with direct connection to control valve(s)
  • Advanced

    • Central unit with remote terminal units (RTUs) in field
    • Fertigation control
    • Filter control
    • Full monitoring
    • Automation
    • Connection to celular
    • API (application programming interface) connection

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