Non-PC compared to PC/AS/ND dripper options

Let’s start by exploring what a non-PC dripper is.

If PC means pressure compensating then non-PC means that the dripper does not compensate for
variations of pressure. If the pressure increases, the flow of the dripper increases.

Flow increase of a non-PC dripper as pressure rises


The exponent (X) is a published technical reference for each dripper that shows the relation of flow to pressure.

Most non-PC drippers have an exponent of approximately 0.5 (although this number can vary).

Using this rule of thumb of X = 0.5, if the pressure is 20% higher, you will have 10% higher flow.


Using non-PC drippers requires hydraulic design to consider the pressure both down the lateral, and also across the block itself. Once again, the last emitter must be uniform to the first emitter.

Remember: Increasing the pressure does not extend the maximum run length possible for non-PC drippers.

Every non-PC drip emitter is unique, and you should consult pressure x flow technical information for the specific product you are using.

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