Anti-siphon (AS) drippers

On sloping ground, when the irrigation system is shut off, the water will continue to run out of the lower elevation drippers. This can create a suction in the higher section of drip tube. In conditions where risk of soil ingestion at shut-off is high, anti-siphon (AS) drippers help protect you with anti-siphon diaphragm technology.

When there is negative pressure in the hose (i.e. a vacuum caused at system shut-off), the membrane lowers against the inlet filters, which in turn slows the flow of water in the reverse direction. The stronger the vacuum, the stronger the seal that is made.

All Rivulis anti-siphon drippers also have a pressure compensating feature.

AS System

  • Application: SDI, or on surface with sandy soil.
  • Water from the pipe slowly drains reducing the suction effect of soil particles into the dripper at system shut down.


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