No-drain (ND) drippers

In addition to providing pressure compensation, the dripper seals when pressure falls below a specified pressure to stop water draining out of the tube at shut-off.

No-drain (ND) drippers are commonly used for pulse irrigation, subsurface, and highly undulating ground.

They are also ideal for greenhouse applications. In fact, most advanced protected cropping applications that use online drippers use ND drippers, which also allow further customization for precision, including high-sealing pressure and medium-opening pressure options.

ND System

Use D5000 ND, HydroPCND, Amnon ND, Clicktif ND or Supertif PCND where you have pulse irrigation – short and frequent irrigation
cycles where the water needs to stay in the tube during shut-off. When the pressure drops below a specified
pressure, the dripper seals, keeping the water in the tube, ready for the next irrigation cycle.

Application: Pulse Irrigation.

 Pipe remains full with water at system shut down.


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