Pressure compensating (PC) drippers

One of the major advances in drip technology since its development was pressure compensation (PC).

PC drippers have a diaphragm built into them to regulate the pressure.

Within a relatively large pressure range, PC ensures the same flow per dripper, regardless of what the
pressure is at that point of the tube.

Simplified flow x pressure chart of PC & non-PC drip lines

As the flow is regulated, much longer run lengths can be achieved than with non-PC drip lines.

Furthermore, PC drip lines achieve uniformity over sloping ground. The dripper at lower elevation will emit
the same amount of water as the dripper at the highest point, as per the example below.

Metric measurements


US measurements

Note: The above examples are illustrative only to demonstrate the effect of pressure on flow-rate. They do not account for head loss in the lateral which also occurs.

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