Filtration rules of thumb

  • The longer the drip line/tape will be used, the more important the filtration, i.e. a subsurface or a permanent system where the drip line/tape will be used for 10+ years should have more filtration than a seasonal system where the drip line/tape will only be used for a few months.

  • A common saying is that screen filters are better for filtering sediment, and disc filters are better for filtering organic matter, while media filters are good for both. This is not a black and white rule, but more a rule-of-thumb.

  • With most farms having labor challenges, using automatic filters for primary filtration and semi-automatic filters as backup filters is a good ratio of cost to labor.

  • Add a hydrocyclone sand separator before primary filtration in most ground-water scenarios.

  • Don’t forget pre-filtration such as stone collectors and suction strainers where relevant.

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