Media/gravel filters

Media filters, also commonly called gravel filters, are one of the most effective irrigation filtration methods available. If you have really contaminated water, you should be considering a media filter.

Media filters are effective at removing both organic and inorganic contaminants.

Although on most accounts, media filters are the most effective filtration method available, they have a large footprint compared to other filtration methods. They also emit a large volume of water during the back-flush process.

How they operate

The filtration method is effectively quite simple. The filter pushes water through the media (gravel) to achieve filtration.

The more complex part of these filters is keeping the media clean. The media is automatically cleaned through a back-flush process, where each tank’s flow is reversed for a short period of time and contaminants are flushed out of the system. This process needs to be automated so that the clean water from the other media tanks is fed to the tank that is being cleaned.

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