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D5000 PC/AS/ND Drip Line

Rivulis D5000 PC/AS/ND Drip Line

The greatest drip line on earth and under it

The Rivulis D5000 PC Drip Line represents the most significant advancement of Pressure Compensating (PC) drip technology in the past decade.

With one of the widest flow regulating ranges available, Rivulis D5000 PC provides outstanding uniformity even on hilly terrain or long run lengths. This helps ensure that your crop at the end of rows receives the same amount of water as those at the start for more consistent yields.

Engineered with a large labyrinth, large outlet pool and multi-zone inlet filters, every component of the Rivulis D5000 PC is maximized for outstanding performance and resistance to clogging.


It starts with great design

Unique multi-zone inlet area

Inlet filters are your first layer of protection against foreign particles. Rivulis D5000 PC features 40 independent inlet filters across 3 zones in every emitter to provide maximum protection to clogging. That’s an almost 300% functional filtration area compared to the main competitive product in the market.


Extra wide flow labyrinth

Advanced engineering of the Rivulis D5000 PC labyrinth provides the ultimate balance of incrementally reducing flow while also forming high turbulence in the emitter to help ensure solids stay in suspension. It’s one of the largest flow paths available to help prevent clogging.


Unique full size outlet pool

Dirt ingestion is a risk for all drip irrigation systems. The unique long outlet pool of the Rivulis D5000 PC, in conjunction with the raised wall design, provides the maximum distance between the emitter outlet and the tube hole to help prevent dirt suck-back. The full size pool also allows a true slit outlet in 15 mil configurations.


Concerned about soil ingestion at shutoff? Rivulis D5000 AS features anti-siphon diaphragm technology that kicks into effect when there is negative pressure in the hose. Rivulis D5000 AS – additional protection to your subsurface irrigation system.

Using pulse irrigation? D5000 ND incorporates PC uniform irrigation with no-drain technology. When the water pressure falls below a prescribed pressure, the membrane in the dripper seals, keeping the water within the tube.

D5000 PC/AS CX with copper oxide – a safe and hassle-free solution to reduce root intrusion in subsurface drip applications.

The Rivulis D5000 subsurface drip irrigation system stands out for multiple reasons. The system uses far less water, fertilizer and chemicals compared to overhead sprinkler irrigation. Additionally, the application of fertilizers and chemicals is much easier. It is possible to be precise with both quantity and timing, including daily application if required to maximize efficiency. Traditional irrigation techniques on the other hand are much less precise, and therefore result in wasted fertilizers and chemicals, along with high mechanical costs.Paulo Sérgio Fragnito, Vista Alegre Farm, Brazil.


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Hear Why Our Growers Love Rivulis D5000 PC

Luis Javier Fernández Villalobos, a technician at Agrofervi Explotaciones Agrícolas, shares his experience using Rivulis D5000 PC drip line to achieve irrigation uniformity and good crop quality in his olive and walnut orchards.

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