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Rivulis X-Pell

The world’s first drip line & drip tape capable to defend itself against insect damage.

If you have experienced insect damage to your drip line/tape, you know all too well the havoc it can wreak on your irrigation system!

A muddy, flooded mess in your fields, destruction of your crops and days of manual labour spent repairing the drip line/tape.

Now your irrigation drip lines can bite back!

Rivulis X-Pell is like your insurance policy protecting your drip line/tape from insect damage. X-Pell from Rivulis uses patent pending technology to protect it from insect damage, making it so disgusting they simply leave it alone. Its proven performance worldwide has given growers the peace of mind that their drip irrigation system is no longer easy prey. In fact, it bites back! Rivulis X-Pell is proven effective in preventing insect damage to drip line/tape:

Reduces total system costs: Field damage, yield loss, intensive labour and time consuming repairs by minimizing insect damage to the drip line/tape.

Saves money by using lower wall thickness drip line/tape.

Is Safe*. Reliable. Recyclable**.

*X-Pell contains a pyrethroid substance. Always use according to the safety instructions attached to the product.

**X-Pell can be recycled using similar recycling methods applicable to other plastic pipes.

Rivulis X-Pell is available in Rivulis T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D900, D1000 and Eurodrip Compact. Product availability differs per country.

Independent testing by Centro di saggio (Italy)# Centoro di Saggio Test Center is authorized in Italy by the Ministry of Agriculture (decree 10/09/2018). Test conducted 2020.

# X-Pell is proven to provide 99% protection against insect damage to drip line / tapes, based on trials conducted in Australia, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Russia. A reasonable margin of errors in the tests carried out should be tolerated and results may also change depending on testing conditions.

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