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Hazelnuts, Azerbaijan

Higher quality hazelnuts with easy to use drip irrigation system

Growing hazelnuts is becoming profitable as with irrigation we don’t lose any of the crop. I am extremely happy with the results. It is unbelievable how fast the hazelnuts grow and with very high quality.

Hikmet Bagmanov, President of Monte Ferro Company.






1,250 ha

Project Solution:

Field Training


The Monte Ferro Company was looking for a new irrigation partner for their multiple hazelnut projects, with the goal of creating the largest irrigated hazelnut plantation in the world. The area in Azerbaijan where they grow hazelnuts is very hilly with large fluctuations in elevation. In addition to a solution to address the challenging terrain, Monte Ferro required a solution that could be easily expanded given the planned hectare growth and of course meet the demand for high quality hazelnut crop.

The Project

Design a complete micro irrigation system for over 1,250 hectares that provides flexibility for hilly terrain and continued land expansion.

The Rivulis Solution

Rivulis delivered a full turnkey solution including system design, professional consultation, onsite field training, in person support, providing the full range system of Rivulis products from drip line to filters, valves, pumps, automation and fertigation along with overseeing installation.

To meet the unique customer needs, the design team created a special version of our D5000 PC (Pressure Compensated) drip line with custom spacing to address the slope and pressure concerns.

Benefits & Results

With much of the solution using gravity to deliver the water over the hundreds of hectares, this drip irrigation solution helps Monte Ferro be more efficient and effective and achieve higher yield while greatly reducing electricity costs.

“I had planned to start with 200 ha but after meeting with the team, I ordered 400 ha. The design, sales and engineering teams understood my unique challenges and solved them by creating a cost effective, high quality solution for our fields.  I know we have the best irrigation system on the market and it is very easy to manage.” Aydın Demirçi, Owner of Demirchi Family Business.

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