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Using Micro Irrigation to Support Innovative Intensive Olive Farming

We wanted to drive profitability and become more mechanized in our farming methods. We chose Rivulis as our partner because of their professional irrigation solutions, project expertise and the outstanding support they provide. Rivulis D5000 PC is the best pressure compensating drip line in the industry and is especially effective for water with high mineral content levels.

Gali Tal, Manager of Mount Megiddo Gidulay Sade Ltd.






100 ha

Project Solution:

Hydraulic Recommendations
Logistics and Purchasing
Technical Training & Support


Mount Megiddo Gidulay Sade Ltd. is an agricultural partnership comprised of three kibbutzim in Israel’s Jezreel Valley. Together, they farm over 1,500 hectare of field crops. They wanted to transition into orchards to drive profitability using a micro irrigation solution that would allow for mechanical farming methods and ultimately higher yields.

The Project

Design a complete micro irrigation system for over 100 hectares of olives that supports the innovative, intensive farming method Mount Megiddo Gidulay Sade Ltd. chose for the olive orchard. Israel is known for having hard water and they required a solution that could handle the hard water used for irrigation.

The Rivulis Solution

Rivulis delivered an end-to-end irrigation solution including onsite design analysis and consultation, advising Mount Megiddo Gidulay Sade Ltd. on the best way to plant the orchard to maximize the quantity of seedlings, and prescribed the right drip irrigation solution to support growth, surface conditions and water quality.

Rivulis designed the complete solution, provided hydraulic recommendations, managed logistics and purchasing of the full range of Rivulis products from drip line to filters, valves, pumps, automation and fertigation along with overseeing installation and providing technical training and support.

Benefits & Results

The Rivulis drip irrigation solution is helping Mount Megiddo Gidulay Sade Ltd GROW BEYOND their profitability expectations with more efficient use of their land, water and labor resources. With an irrigation solution that enables the use of mechanized equipment into the harvesting area, they are achieving increased yield per hectare and higher quality olive oil as well as lower labor costs.

“We are very pleased to be working with Rivulis on this olive project and with the results we have achieved together. We chose to further expand our project work with Rivulis and have already planted over 50 hectare of almonds. The growth of the almond trees is very good and uniform and we are looking forward to a large harvest,”  Gali Tal, Manager of Mount Megiddo Gidulay Sade Ltd.


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