The Full Circle Sustainability Program
for T-Tape

We are proud to offer our T-Tape Drip Tape growers a full recycling solution for used drip tape to help reduce waste and contribute to a cleaner environment.

For pick-up service, please follow these steps:

  1. Purchase your Rivulis T-Tape Drip Tape.
  2. Retrieve your Rivulis T-Tape Drip Tape for pick-up according to the program rules. .
  3. Complete and submit the Schedule Your Pick Up form on this page.
  4. A Rivulis representative will contact you. First-time pick up will require an on-site inspection.
  5. Program sign up at purchase or within 90 days prior to pick, Rivulis will secure a pick up slot (within a 2 week window)*

*Later sign ups will have more requirements and may resort in additional cost to the grower.

    Schedule Your Pick Up

    Does site provide access for semi-truck with 40 foot trailer for pick up?