From our origins as world-renowned Plastro, T-Systems, Roberts Irrigation, Eurodrip, and NaanDan, to become a global irrigation leader.
We’ve grown over the last 80 years, expanding our drip irrigation and micro irrigation capabilities, market coverage, and operational scale.
That means no limits and no compromises.

Maximum customization

No one else has the range and depth of drip lines and tapes as us.

Wider choice

We don’t lock you into just one option. We have the flexibility to deliver the exact filters, valves, fertigation and automation that your system requires.

Going beyond

Sprinklers for frost protection, online drippers for greenhouses ... you name it, we have you covered.

Drip Tapes
& Drip Lines

Our extensive range of drip irrigation solutions features integrated emitters (drip tape) and molded emitters (drip line), along with pressure compensated, no-drain and anti-syphon models. Built to the highest standards of engineering and quality control, our drip line and drip tape ensure maximum resistance to clogging, maximum uniformity and maximum yield at harvest.

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Online Drippers

With over 40 online combinations, we have you covered with the most comprehensive range of drippers available including variable flow rates, outlet options and Pressure Compensating and No-Drain (PC/PCND) combinations. Our solutions cover in-field online drippers to the most advanced soilless system needs and are ideal for intensive agriculture, greenhouse and in-field applications.

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Sprinklers &
Jets Sprayers

We offer a wide range of sprinklers and jets that deliver performance season after season with great yields, consistent quality and crop production efficiencies. Our solutions range from sprinklers for open field vegetable, orchard production and frost protection, to foggers and misters for greenhouse production - and everything in between.

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Layflat & Pipes

When you need a versatile and durable way to transfer water from your submain to your field, we have your irrigation system needs covered with our layflat, hoses, tubing and pipe engineered with the latest technology. Our newest addition, the revolutionary Rivulis H6000 / H6500 PE layflat, has outlets directly mold injected into the layflat leading to a longer product life, no leakage, and easy and fast installation.

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Filters are the number one way to protect contaminants from entering your irrigation system. We offer a wide range of disc, hydrocyclone sand separators, media and screen filters. Every Rivulis filter is manufactured to provide the highest level of protection through durable construction and excellent filtration performance.

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Valves & Air Valves

Take control of your irrigation system with Rivulis valves designed for accurate pressure and flow regulation, remote activation and system protection. Featuring plastic and metal control valves and a wide range of air valves.

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& Automation

Harness the power of fertigation – applying fertilizers directly into your irrigation system. Delivering better agronomic results, and with less labor, we have a fertigation solution to meet your unique needs. What you need will depend on the number of fertilizers to be applied, the required fertilizer injection flow rate, and whether you need a bypass system or a system with its own tank. Ranging from basic fertigation equipment such as venturi injection, to advanced automated fertigation injection systems, our solutions cover all fertigation needs for all types of crops.

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& Accessories

Rivulis features the best, and one of the broadest, ranges of accessories for your irrigation system, from the smallest grommet to a durable layflat connector.

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We offer the complete
turn key solution

We have over half a century of experience in tailoring irrigation solutions.

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