A successful irrigation system is one in which all elements come together to work as one. Together with our specialized agronomists, irrigation engineers and hydraulic designers, we analyze your field conditions in the context of your specific crop taking into account multiple factors including crop type and its water and nutrient requirements, evapotranspiration and climatic conditions, field topography and soil type, water availability and source, and energy availability and constraints.

We look beyond the upfront cost to optimize your total cost of ownership by calculating the ongoing pumping, energy, water and nutrients costs. It is this 360° thinking that sees our experienced team of experts develop more than 60,000ha of customized designs every year.

With you
every step of the way


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8 step process

With you
every step of the way

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  • Design & Planning

    The hydraulic design is the brains of the system. We have decades of experience in developing designs that work. After understanding your needs, we plan the irrigation system. Outputs from this step include a detailed hydraulic design that maps all the irrigation components to be installed. During this phase, we balance agronomic requirements with your hydraulic and budget requirements and evaluate the total cost of ownership and ROI. In addition to the system design, we also provide a water budget and irrigation schedule tailored to your specific crop and field.

  • Finance

    We are experienced in providing competitive credit and financing solutions for large projects, with attractive payment terms.

  • Project management

    Project management is the key to a successful installation. For example, there is no point having the drip line arrive if the connectors to install it arrive months later. With Rivulis, you are working with a company that knows how to plan what you need, when you need it.

  • Leading products

    Rivulis has almost a century’s experience in tailoring irrigation solutions.

    We pioneered the development of the integrated emitter Rivulis T-Tape and Ro-Drip, and molded emitter drip lines: Rivulis D900, D1000Hydro PC/PCND, and D5000 PC/AS/ND/CX, and introduced the H6000, a new lay flat with pre-installed outlets. Rivulis also offers the full range of system components to maximize your system, ranging from filters to valves, to fertigation and automation.

    We are proud to say that the former Eurodrip Product Line, together with the former NaanDan product line now forms part of our portfolio, making it the most extensive in the market. You can trust we have the solution you need to irrigate smartly. Some of these products include the Supertif, Super 10, 2002 Aquasmart, and Compact.

    Season after season, our business partners and growers trust their crops and livelihood to Rivulis.

  • Logistics & Purchasing

    Our global presence and buying power gives us the flexibility and strength to obtain exactly what you need, and to coordinate with our local manufacturing to deliver according to the project management plan. Furthermore, with stock held in numerous countries, our logistics enable fast delivery and spare parts support.

  • Installation & Commissioning

    Together with our partnership of dealers and contractors, we can provide you with installation services. System commissioning is the next key step. For the first operation, we test the system functions as per the hydraulic design to ensure that your plants receive the water application they require.

  • Training & Support

    Our service doesn’t stop when the system is complete. Equally important is the ongoing service we provide, providing growers the confidence and knowledge to successfully operate and maintain their drip irrigation systems.

  • Manna and Climate

    We close the loop with Manna Irrigation and Rivulis Climate. Manna Irrigation provides growers with site-specific, dynamic irrigation recommendations and crop monitoring in real-time. Rivulis Climate partners with growers to transition to more sustainable farming, and benefit from the voluntary carbon market.