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Ningxia is a relatively arid, water-poor area with limited water resources. The Zhirui Agriculture Company had been using flood irrigation, which they found to have many disadvantages, including crop yield and quality. In order to increase their water efficiency and accelerate the introduction and usage of water saving technologies, they chose Rivulis to help them develop a micro irrigation solution specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Rivulis has delivered a number of mega irrigation projects in China through a strong partnership with EKPAC, who helps establish the relationship with the customer. Once connected, the Rivulis Design Service Center and local office in China drive the project forward.

Rivulis were tasked to design a complete micro irrigation system for over 3,900 hectare of Vineyards in addition to Orchards and Field Crops.

Rivulis delivered the complete detailed irrigation system design; supplied all irrigation technology and equipment including filters, drip lines, fertigation systems and automation and irrigation control systems, and a field distribution network; managed logistics and purchasing; installed all of the equipment and provided after sales training, technical training and support, and continued maintenance.

The Rivulis micro irrigation solution is helping the Zhirui Agriculture Company GROW BEYOND with more efficient use of water and the ability to apply nutrients more effectively via fertigation. The move from traditional irrigation methods to micro irrigation has led to optimal water allocation, higher quality crops and greater yields.

“The cooperation with Rivulis, in terms of early design, construction, and technical support was successful.” Wang Zhibing, Ningxia, China, Zhirui Agriculture Company.

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