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Supertif PC/PCND Online Dripper

Supertif PC/PCND Online Dripper
The Most Advanced Online Dripper

Rivulis Supertif PC/PCND is the preferred online dripper in the fast growing soilless segment in the irrigation market. It is ideal for precision soilless/hydroponic applications where highly tuned sealing and opening pressures are required. It can also be used as an online dripper in fields with sloping terrain or long row lengths, and as a master dripper for pot plants in tunnels, greenhouses or loop systems in orchards.

Trusted the world over for performance and flexibility, each dripper features a self-cleaning mechanism and precision manufacturing for maximum reliability.

Additionally, Rivulis Supertif PC/PCND provides multiple outlet configurations, variable flow rates, no-drain options with multiple sealing and opening pressures, and a wide range of accessories.

Rivulis offers multiple Rivulis Supertif PC/PCND Dripper outlet options for your various needs:

PC/PCND functionality – Both Pressure Compensating and No Drain configurations

Multi-function port – Straight conic-barb outlet (Conic + Barb) = Multi-function port
Use stand-alone without tube, connect direct to 3×5 tube or connect to tube using branching adaptors.

Barbed side outlet (SOL) – A unique Rivulis solution. Drives the water straight to the plants roots, reducing evaporation and desalination. Use stand-alone without tube, connect direct to 3×5 tube or connect to tube using branching adaptors.

“I have grown tomatoes in greenhouses for more than 25 years. Greenhouse operations demand the most reliable systems. This is why I am very selective about my suppliers…for irrigation I tried different suppliers, but in the last 8 years I only use Supertif. Supertif is a heavy duty dripper, with perfect uniformity, that is why we have used it for so many years.” Pieter Geerst, Tomato Grower, The Netherlands


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