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Manna Irrigation Intelligence

Precision Agriculture for Irrigation

Rivulis is a future-ready, micro irrigation visionary with an extensive product offering, actionable product roadmap and robust global infrastructure. In 2016, we launched Manna Irrigation Intelligence, our irrigation-focused precision agriculture subsidiary.

With Manna Irrigation Intelligence, Rivulis’ precision agriculture offering, we are further expanding a grower’s ability to GROW BEYOND their highest expectations.

Manna is a sensor-free, software-only solution that provides growers around the world with the actionable information they need to make better-informed and more confident irrigation decisions.

At Rivulis, we pride ourselves on Field Trusted Innovation since 1966. Manna Irrigation Intelligence is a recent example of Rivulis’ continuous investment and core value of Field Trusted Innovation. In addition to Manna, we pioneered the development of the integrated emitter T-Tape and Ro-Drip, and molded emitter drip lines: Eolos Compact, D1000 and D5000 PC; and introduced H6000, a new layflat with pre-installed outlets.

Manna leverages high resolution, frequently refreshed satellite data and hyper-local weather information to deliver highly affordable and accessible solutions for site specific irrigation recommendations and crop health monitoring— right in the palm of a grower’s hand.


Reliable: Field tested and trusted by growers around the world. Built on deep agronomic expertise and leveraging the over 50 years of Rivulis irrigation expertise and know how.

Simple: Web and mobile apps designed for ease of use in the field. NO installation or maintenance of any hardware required.

Affordable: An affordable annual subscription service. No need to purchase equipment/hardware.

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