With 20ha of unprofitable field crops, Kibbutz Yir’on in the Galilee Panhandle in Northern Israel made the economic decision to turn it into higher earning avocado plantations.

Though they had no previous knowledge of Rivulis prior to the project, they were interested in working with a company whose depth of experience and expertise in micro irrigation was well proven. This was initially demonstrated in the planning stage, with Rivulis providing five different options until the optimal design was decided upon and commissioned.

The project wasn’t without its unique challenges for the Rivulis Design Department. The structure of the area required an agrotechnical solution in combination with a complex hydraulic solution. In addition, rocky terrain required a lot of complex preparation and investment in infrastructure. It was also necessary to take into account the operation of the area in terms of picking, transporting, loading and spraying.

Due to these challenges, throughout the installation a member of the Rivulis Design Department and the Sales Manager visited the site weekly to review the specifications and check the project execution was progressing according to the plan.

For Kibbutz Yir’on Orchard Manager, Asaf Schwatz, this gave him great confidence in his decision to commission Rivulis. “We are with Rivulis because of the partnership, technical support and sense of security they provide.”

This is reiterated by Rivulis Sales Manager Eitan Barkai, “A close relationship with the customer, professionalism and building trust is the Rivulis difference.”