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Hydro PC/PCND Drip Line

Rivulis Hydro PC/PCND Drip Line
Reliability and Dependability

For over 20 years, Hydro PC / PCND has been synonymous with reliability. Farmers from Europe, to Chile, to the USA trust the Hydro PC / PCND range of products for long-term horticultural applications including orchards, vineyards and greenhouses.

Manufactured in 7 countries, and exported globally, Hydro PC/PCND remains one of the most popular drip lines in the world for one simple reason – you can depend on it season after season.

The Rivulis Hydro PC / PCND features cylindrical drippers which are large, tough and can tolerate harsh environments.

Dual Outlets for Built-In Redundancy: Unlike other emitters with just one outlet, if a Hydro PC / PCND Emitter outlet becomes blocked, a second outlet on the opposing side provides redundancy to the emitter. An additional benefit of the dual outlets is that it doesn’t matter what direction you lay the tube. Dual outlets are standard in all Hydro PC/PCND configurations with 15 cm and greater spacing.

Multi-Zone Inlet Filter: Protecting Your Emitters Year After Year. Due to its unique cylindrical design, Hydro PC/PCND is built with a larger inlet filter than most competing drip lines.

“We have over 1.2 million meters of Hydro PC drip line that was installed in our almond crop seven years ago. The emitters are still performing like the day they were first installed” Tim Orr, Lake Cullulleraine, Australia.

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