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The industry’s most comprehensive micro irrigation product portfolio for your field and crop needs

Rivulis makes the adoption of micro irrigation more accessible to growers everywhere by providing cost effective irrigation solutions, less labor intensive systems and value added services with the broadest and most trusted irrigation product portfolio in the market.

We pioneered the development of the integrated emitter Rivulis T-Tape and Ro-Drip and molded emitter drip lines: Rivulis D900, D1000, Hydro PC/PCND and D5000 PC/AS/ND/CX and introduced H6000, a new layflat with pre-installed outlets. Additionally, we offer the full range of system components to maximize your system, ranging from filters, to valves, to fertigation and automation.

Rivulis also offers the Eurodrip Product Line, with the industry leading drip lines including Eurodrip Eolos and Compact; offering high performance value irrigation solutions.

Season after season, our business partners and growers trust their crops and livelihood to Rivulis.



Discover how you can achieve more consistent quality, increased yields and better optimize your resources with our complete line of irrigation solutions.

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