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Maximize Hemp Production with Drip Irrigation

Interest in industrial hemp production has increased worldwide, particularly in the United States following the passage of the Federal Farm Bill in 2018 which made industrial hemp legal to grow as an agricultural commodity. This versatile plant can be grown for fiber, seed or flower and can be applied across many industries such as textiles, food and beverage, construction, and pharmaceuticals.  Consumer awareness of the benefits of hemp-based products, such as CBD, is driving demand and sparking interest in farmers to grow industrial hemp as it’s quickly transitioning into a high value crop.

As you invest in hemp production, keep in mind that irrigation is the lifeline for feeding your hemp plants so it’s vital to select the best irrigation methods to achieve better uniformity, quality and greater crop yield. With drip irrigation, your hemp plants will receive small and frequent amounts of water directly to the base of the plant, meeting the unique agronomic requirements of hemp. Drip irrigation provides the required moisture for germination, crop growth and foliage development, while maintaining minimal weed growth in the field.

Rivulis provides your hemp plants with innovative drip irrigation products for both open field (Rivulis T-Tape, Rivulis D5000 PC) and seed propagation in greenhouses (FLF Fogger, Rondo Mist Sprayer, Rondo Inverted Micro Sprinkler).



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Hear What Our Growers Are Saying

Weston Zapf, Owner and Operator of Loud Organix Farms in the United States, talks about his positive experience using Rivulis' irrigation solutions for his hemp plants along with Manna Irrigation Intelligence, a powerful tool for his irrigation monitoring and scheduling needs.

Meet Steve Goffena of Eola Hill Farms in Amity, Oregon. Steve grows industrial hemp for CBD and is pleased to share his positive experience with using Rivulis D5000 PC Drip Line on his hemp farm.

Meet Jodi and Brent from CBDX Farms in Crawford, Colorado. Hear why they choose Rivulis T-Tape Drip Tape to irrigate their hemp plants.

With You Every Step of the Way

We offer complete turnkey projects with our partners for hemp. We are with you every step of the way providing expertise throughout all project stages including design, planning, logistics, installation, training , support and real time crop monitoring and irrigation recommendations via Manna Irrigation Intelligence.

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