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Irrigation design made fast and easy.

For more than 40 years, WCADI irrigation design software has been the pioneering irrigation design software used by professionals worldwide for both agricultural and environmental purposes. Renowned for its accuracy and ease of use, it has been the first choice of the Rivulis design team – global leaders in micro irrigation systems – for decades and developed based on their requirements. In 2021, WCADI was purchased by Rivulis.

Making the complex simple.

Designing large and complex irrigation systems with pen and paper, spreadsheets or other basic tools is slow and time consuming, and can be full of inaccuracies and errors. But with WCADI irrigation design software, you can be confident in your design solution.

Better accuracy with built-in templates and calculators means solutions ensure increased efficiency of resource usage, saving costs for your client and providing optimal yields. Plus the ability to easily work on several alternative designs for the same project, presented professionally and supported by highly detailed reports can help win the deal.


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Why WCADI software?

Saves time

  • Provides fast solutions to complex designs, even with challenging terrains
  • Fast comparison/simulation of alternatives
  • Rapid production of a hydraulic design report of the system
  • Stable platform with auto save after each operation, so never need to rework
  • Generates a comprehensive quantity report (Bill of Materials) in Excel
  • Report generation in Excel
  • Google Earth full compatibility

Easy to learn

  • Automated functionality makes it easier and quicker
  • Menu arrangement consistent with the way you work
  • Professional support by a team of software developers and irrigation design experts

Trusted accuracy and results

  • 40 years of learnings and development
  • Used and trusted by leading international irrigation design companies and irrigation equipment suppliers

Excellent value*

  • Yearly license – first year US$4,000 (ex VAT), then US$1,000 (ex VAT) per year
  • Includes ongoing upgrades and tech support, so you always run the latest version
  • Every new purchase includes 15 hours of training


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WCADI features include

Main Pipe Design and Network Analysis

  • 5000 Nodes
  • 5000 Sections
  • 99 Cases (water sources) per Project
  • 25 Shifts

Special Features

  • Survey
  • Clement Method for Network Analysis
  • Material List
  • Calculation and Simulation During Lateral Flushing
  • PRV Auto Placement (Block)
  • Laterals Along Elevation Contours

Block Design

  • 5000 Subareas
  • 5000 Blocks per Subarea
  • 5000 Laterals per Block
  • 150 Sprinklers per Branch
  • 5000 Emitters per Lateral

Hydraulic Calculations Modules

  • Single Diameter Headloss Calculator
  • Multi Diameter Headloss Calculator
  • Lateral Max Run Length Calculator
  • Max Length Graphical
  • Optimize Section


  • English
  • Spanish
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  • Italian
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