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Enabling yields that rainfall cannot provide

Coffee is one of the most commonly used and well-known products on the planet. Although consumed almost everywhere around the world, coffee can only be cultivated in specific climate zones.

Around the world, coffee cultivation can be divided into two different methods: shade-grown, and sun grown.

Unfortunately, many of the regions where coffee has been successfully cultivated can no longer sustain profitable production relying on rainfall alone. Due to climate change and its ramifications, natural precipitation all over the world has changed. Whole areas that for centuries received sufficient rainfall for successful coffee production can no longer achieve that same production, and in worst cases scenarios, need to abandon coffee cultivation altogether and seek other means of livelihood.

In general, shade-grown coffee is cultivated in traditional ways and practices. No heavy machinery is involved. Pruning, general maintenance, and harvesting are all done by hand. Modern technology hasn’t really been introduced to this agricultural niche. Irrigation falls under the definition of “technology”.

Given the environmental conditions for sun-grown coffee, the use of an irrigation system is a necessity. From the first stages of the crop life cycle, an advanced drip irrigation system is implemented. As a result of a higher growth rate and vigor, just like water demand, fertilizer demand also increased. Therefore, the use of an irrigation system as a fertigation system plays a major part in successful production.

We, at Rivulis, understand the importance of providing the ideal amount of water at each development stage of the plant: from flowering induction to berry expansion, through bean filling and finally leafing out and continuous growth, our drip irrigation solutions can support the growth of healthy crops.

Trust our Rivulis and NaanDanJain by Rivulis non-compensated drip lines for low slope areas, or the pressure compensated ones, like Rivulis Hydro PC/PCND and Rivulis D5000 PC if you’re growing on sloping terrain or looking for a subsurface irrigation solution.

And don’t forget the importance of fertigation. Rivulis fertigation machines can ensure better distribution of fertilizers in the soil, less salinization of the soil through the proportional application of nutrients, greater efficiency, and use of nutrients by plants, and lower risk of superficial leaching and deep drainage of nutrients.


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Hear What Our Growers Are Saying

Carlos Eduardo Senju from Grupo Senju details how the high performance drip irrigation solution provided by Rivulis delivers uniform irrigation allowing them to maximize their coffee crop yield.

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We offer complete turnkey projects for your coffee. We are with you every step of the way providing expertise throughout all project stages including design, planning, logistics, installation, training , support and real time crop monitoring and irrigation recommendations via Manna Irrigation Intelligence.

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