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Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane

Achieve Your Sugar Cane Crop Potential and More Consistent Production with Drip Irrigation

Sugar cane is one of the most water intensive crops out there, but drip irrigation has made growing sugar cane easier and more productive over the years. Drip irrigation ensures a more consistent yield over time plus uniformity and more ratoon crops — regardless of topography and soil.

If you grow sugar cane, you know it is a crop that demands a lot of nutrition and you also know that you can’t just go into your sugar cane fields with a tractor — it requires intensive labor.

A well-designed drip irrigation system can make the entire water and nutrition process easier and more effective with benefits including more constant yield, reduced water use and lower operation and labor costs by applying water in consistent, precise quantities that leads to the optimum balance of yield (tonnage) and CCS (sugar content). Add in automated fertilizer application and you have a fully streamlined production process that will provide the best payback at harvest.

A typical sugar cane drip irrigation installation features SDI (subsurface drip irrigation).

Rivulis has the expertise and broad product portfolio including drip line, drip tape, pumps, filters, valves, automation and fertigation to customize a complete sugar cane solution tailored to your particular needs whether in open field or SDI.

Sugar Cane Irrigation Solutions


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Hear What Our Growers Are Saying

Hector Manual Perez Turner has worked with Rivulis irrigation solutions for more than a decade and details his satisfaction with the products and results, which have greatly surpassed expectations.

Sugar Cane Irrigation Solutions

With You Every Step of the Way

We offer complete turnkey projects for your sugar cane crop needs. We are with you every step of the way providing expertise throughout all project stages including design, planning, installation, logistics, training and support and real time crop monitoring and irrigation recommendations via Manna Irrigation Intelligence.

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