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The comprehensive guide to drip irrigation, so you can grow beyond.

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Introduction to drip irrigation and 6 key considerations

Learn the 6 key considerations in developing your irrigation system and the specific outputs you will need to determine the right components and information to design your system.

Overview of drip irrigation systems & components

There are a vast array of components and choices in determining your drip irrigation system. This module looks at each component individually, and the decisions required to make the optimum choices for your system.

Design, Installation and start-up

This module will help you get to know the basics of hydraulic (irrigation) design, plus the various areas of installation and the specific steps prior to the first operation of your irrigation system.


Your drip irrigation system requires regular maintenance so that it performs as it was designed and to ensure the longevity of your equipment. This module examines the ‘big nine’ components, so you’re equipped with the skills to maintain them and sleep soundly.

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