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Rivulis Quality Policy

Rivulis is committed to designing, manufacturing, installing and supporting high quality, innovative irrigation products that have been tested and proven in the field.

Quality begins with people. For us this means, responding to our customers’ needs, performing actions correctly the first time and every time, analyzing opportunities and risks and bringing about constant improvement through teamwork.

Our Rivulis employees are trained and fully dedicated to ensuring the quality of our processes, products and installations starting with development through manufacturing to measuring results and ongoing review and improvements.

We satisfy all customer, legal, ISO:9001:2015 requirements and local standards and are focused on continual improvement and process review.

ISO Certificate 9001:2015

Product Certifications

ISO 9001:2015: Argentina

Emitters and Emitting Pipe: Hydrogol. Hydro PC. HydroPCND Hidrodrip. License No. 61080

ISO 9001:2015: France

Emitters and Emitting Pipe: Supertif. License No.61078

ISO 9001:2015: Greece

Sprinklers: Rondo. License No.13860

ISO 9001:2015: India

Sprayers: Tornado. License No.7717

ISO 9001:2015: Israel

Emitters and Emitting Pipe: D5000 and E1000. License No.7577

ISO 9001:2015: Spain


ISO 9001:2015: Turkey

Piping: License No.67584

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