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Ultimate irrigation control

At Rivulis, we understand that irrigation control is paramount in protected agriculture. All nutrients and water that the plant receives come from the irrigation system. The potential yield loss from inefficiencies in the system are far higher than in field applications, which is why our field-trusted innovative range of irrigation products deliver precision uniformity and ultimate control.

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Drip irrigation

Supertif PC/PCND

Supertif is precision manufactured to give you ultimate control:

  • To match your exact needs with a multitude of flow rates, outlet types, and pressure compensating plus no-drain features, including finely tuned closing and opening pressures.
  • Highly uniform flow rates, controlled by a large silicon membrane that provides outstanding clogging protection and resistance to many chemicals.
  • A unique right angle outlet (SOL) option that is perfect for gutter systems as it enables the outlet tube to wrap under the gutter, and out of the way of workers.

Eurodrip Corona PC/PCND

Each dripper features a self-flushing mechanism that operates at start-up to help expel accumulated debris. Combined with a high quality silicon diaphragm, Eurodrip Corona offers flexibility and reliability.

E1000 Dripper

Easy to open, take-apart body for easy cleaning. Great for applications where pressure compensation is not required.

Hydro PC/PCND White Drip Line

The world famous Hydro PC/PCND dripper installed in white tube, which dramatically reduces the temperature of the water inside the tube when compared to black drip lines. Ideal for pulse irrigation where water remains in the tube between operations.

Climate control

FLF Foggers

Control humidity and cooling in your protected agriculture environment:

  • Use to reduce air temperature and/or increase air humidity.
  • Delivers a fine mist with average droplet size of 70 microns that evaporates quickly.
  • Available in single, two and four outlet configurations.

C4100 Climate Controller

Control humidity and cooling in your protected agriculture environment:

  • Comprehensive climate control.
  • Easy to use, multi-language interface.

Germination and overhead irrigation control

Overhead solutions for germination, chemigation and irrigation:

  • Rivulis Rondo Mist Sprayer protects seeds from large droplets by distributing droplets of approximately 150 microns in size.
  • The well-known Rivulis Rondo Micro Sprinkler is available as an inverted model designed specifically for protected agriculture applications, with both flat and convex spinners, and pressure compensation model options.


Fertigation Machines C6100, C7100, C8100, C9100

Accurately control nutrient delivery and pH for optimal growth with:

  • Bypass or inline mixing tank options.
  • One controller to handle all your irrigation, backflushing, and fertigation needs.
  • Simple operation without complexity of traditional fertigation machines.
  • Highest quality components for outstanding long-term reliability.

Filters, valves and accessories

Rivulis Valves, Filters & Pegs

Complete the system with the highest quality components:

  • Dripper pegs including peg options with a built-in flow equalizing labyrinths.
  • Hydraulic valves to accurately control the pressure of the system.
  • High quality filters to protect the system from contaminants.

Hear What Our Growers Are Saying

The Grupo Agropecuario Vapac team shares how the integrated protected agriculture solution featuring Rivulis Supertif drippers has enabled them to achieve better yields, higher quality crops and more efficient processes.

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