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Achieve Great Wine Every Year with Drip Irrigation

Producing high quality wine requires precision control over water and nutrients.

To be competitive, you cannot only depend on rainfall. Drip irrigation allows you to remove the reliance on rainfall for grape consistency every year. Meanwhile, you can increase the quality of your grapes by coupling drip irrigation with drip fertigation and reduced deficit irrigation (RDI) techniques.

Drip irrigation provides you control over quality and yield that are simply not possible without irrigation by providing the required nutrients and water stress for high quality wine production.

There are three common drip irrigation systems to choose from based on your needs including: Drip line suspended on wire, which is the most common irrigation method; Drip line on surface, which is the most economical solution; and drip line buried subsurface, which minimizes moisture and reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Don’t leave your grape crop to chance. Let Rivulis help you achieve greater consistency year over year with a drip irrigation system designed for your specific vineyard needs.

Vineyard Irrigation Solutions


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With You Every Step of the Way

We offer complete turnkey vineyard projects. We are with you every step of the way providing expertise throughout all project stages including design, planning, logistics, installation, training and support and real time crop monitoring and irrigation recommendations via Manna Irrigation Intelligence.

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