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80 years of field-trusted innovation

Rivulis is a global micro irrigation leader focused on the transformation of agricultural irrigation to address global water and food security. As industry pioneers and veterans, we have the expertise and rich history of innovating and deploying micro irrigation solutions and digital farming services.

Rivulis is the result of the merger of five leading micro irrigation players: Eurodrip (Greece), Plastro (Israel), Roberts Irrigation and T-Systems (USA) and now Jain Irrigation’s International Irrigation business (NaanDanJain globally and Jain in the USA).



We are dedicated to helping growers achieve their highest expectations over the long term – season after season.

Firstly, given the unpredictability of farming, we are focused on helping growers prosper through building sustainable livelihoods. We do so by focusing on the economic viability of their farming business: greater yields, improved quality, reduced water and fertilizer inputs and as a result, greater profitability. All while ensuring the sustainable future of their farm.

Secondly, GROW BEYOND goes beyond growers’ farms to their individual aspirations for their family and community.

Our GROW BEYOND mission is directly focused on four pillars: serving our customers, developing field-trusted innovation, digitizing agriculture, and creating a more sustainable world.

We are committed to helping growers GROW BEYOND

GROW BEYOND their highest expectations season after season.

GROW BEYOND to greater yield, improved quality and greater profitability.

GROW BEYOND to a more sustainable future for your farm, your family and the multitudes of people that you feed.

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