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D2000 Drip Line

D2000 Drip Line

Rivulis D2000 Drip Line
The Latest in Drip Line Technology

Rivulis designed the D2000 Drip Line using the latest in drip line engineering technology for high performance season after season.

The flat emitter is specifically developed for medium-heavy wall tubes and places the inlet filters away from the tube edge in higher velocity areas, which helps increase agitation around the inlets and prevents foreign particles from settling.

With up to 93 inlets per emitter, Rivulis D2000 inlets feature a dual-directional flow entrance to maximize every inlet.

The Rivulis D2000 Drip Line benefits include:

  • Innovative high velocity dripper design to keep particles in suspension and reduce clogging risk
  • One of the largest inlet filter and cross sectional labyrinth available
  • Rolled flat for easy manual or mechanized layout and retrieval

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