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S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler

S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler

S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler
The Most Advanced Micro Sprinkler Available

The Rivulis S2000 Micro Sprinkler is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications including irrigation of orchards and vegetables, and frost protection for orchards.

Built to last, the Rivulis S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler line incorporates a strong bridge, built-in anti-insect device, and a wear resistant nozzle bearing design. It delivers a uniform spray pattern at a low angle, minimizing damage to low hanging fruit.

Simple & Strong: The Rivulis S2000 Micro Sprinkler features an easy, take-apart body. Unlike other sprinklers that require multiple steps to open, the Rivulis S2000 PC is open in one click. Putting it back together is just as simple.

Configured to Suit Your Needs:

Pressure compensation (PC): The Rivulis S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler has the added feature of flow regulation, extending the use of the sprinklers to applications with sloping fields and long lateral runs.

Range Limiter: Use the add on, break away Range Limiter Spinner feature for smaller wetting diameter around young trees. Once the tree is mature enough, you can remove the Range Limiter and the spray pattern enlarges to its standard diameter.

Trunk Protector: Add one or two Trunk Protectors to any of the S2000 Micro Sprinklers to divert the spray pattern away from the tree trunk, keeping it dry.

Installation Options: Install the sprinklers on the ground with a plastic stake or hung from a wire using the built in hook.

“A year ago we installed Rivulis S2000 sprinkler heads. Nutrition is a big part of our banana crop; the Rivulis sprinkler head does the job well with perfect water droplets, angle and spread. I would strongly recommend the S2000 Rivulis sprinkler head as it has lived up to all our expectations”. Charles Camuglia, Camuglia Farms, Australia.

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Hear Why Our Growers Love Rivulis S2000 PC

Stetson Tucker of K&T Ranch shares his experience using Rivulis D5000PC dripline, F1700 media filters, and S2000PC Micro sprinklers on his almond orchard in Crows Landing, CA.

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