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Find your recommended irrigation filter – at the touch of a button

Determining which filter is required for each farm is a complex decision.

A recent technical tool developed by Rivulis, Find your recommended irrigation filter calculator , has just made the important and complex task of choosing the most suitable filtration method for a particular irrigation application much easier and quicker.

The power of the Find your recommended filter calculator is that growers simply go to the website and answer a series of questions which calculates the recommendation against three variables – irrigation application, filter working conditions, and water source and quality. The website dynamically updates the recommendation as the user answers each question.

The calculator takes 22 different user inputs to make its recommendation. However, users can input as few or as many answers as they wish. The user does not need to answer all 22 answers to receive a recommendation; however of course, the more answers provided, the more accurate the answer. Further, users can also share their responses with a Rivulis expert and receive a consultation regarding their filtration needs.

The interface is easy to use, but behind the scenes, the calculator is backed by a series of complex algorithms designed by the filter experts at Rivulis to provide the recommendation of filtration method.

As well as providing a recommendation for filtration method, the website provides an overview of the system including an overview of the filtration recommendations for your entire system including recommended Rivulis filter models from additional water treatment through to the backup filter in field.

Try it for yourself at Find your recommended irrigation filter calculator


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