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Greenhouse & Soilless Solutions – Reliable Solutions to Achieve Highest Quality Yield

Greenhouses are becoming an increasingly more important solution in precision agriculture, specifically when dealing with varying climate zones. Greenhouses provide a safe and stable ecosystem for our food supply, allowing for increased results and high quality yields. From climate control to germination, the correct water application is critical to maximize plant productivity. We recommend working with your Rivulis representative who brings the hydraulic and agronomic expertise to develop a greenhouse solution for your unique needs.

Most greenhouse applications use drip as the primary source of irrigation. Generally integral drip lines are used in soil applications and online drippers are used in soilless applications. When choosing the correct dripper / drip line, there are many considerations and options available.

Rivulis offers a wide range of greenhouse irrigation solutions, including:

  • Online Drippers and Drip Lines: From the state of the art Rivulis Supertif dripper and Rivulis Hydro PCND drip line to the economical Rivulis E1000 drippers.
  • Sprinklers & Misters: Including the Rivulis Rondo Micro Sprinkler, one of the most trusted sprinklers in the world and the Rivulis FLF Foggers with advanced nozzles for ideal climate control.

greenhouse tomato crop


Rivulis Supertif: The Most Advanced Online Dripper

If you have intensive horticulture production, you need the Rivulis Supertif range of drippers.

Trusted the world over for performance and flexibility, each dripper features a self-cleaning mechanism and precision manufacturing for maximum reliability.

Additionally, Rivulis Supertif provides multiple outlet configurations, variable flow rates, no-drain options with multiple sealing and opening pressures, and a wide range of accessories.

Rivulis offers multiple Supertif Pressure Compensating (PC) Dripper outlet options for your various needs:

  • Multi-function port – Straight conic-barb outlet (Conic + Barb) = Multi-function port
    Use stand-alone without tube, connect direct to 3×5 tube or connect to tube using branching adaptors
  • Barbed side outlet (SOL) – A unique Rivulis solution
    Drives the water straight to the plants roots, reducing evaporation and desalination.
    Use stand-alone without tube, connect direct to 3×5 tube or connect to tube using branching adaptors.

Supertif | PC

Pressure compensating for accurate flow over a wide range of pressures. Flow rates: 2.20, 3.85, 7.80, 12.00 and 25.00 l/h

Supertif | PC


Supertif | PCND

Pressure compensating no-drain dripper
Pressure compensating and no-drain function for Pulse Irrigation applications and very long drip lines.
Flow rates: 1.10, 2.20, 3.85 and 7.80 l/h

Supertif | PCND


Supertif | PCND-H

Pressure compensating no-drain dripper with a high sealing pressure. Flow rates: 1.60, 3.10 and 11.00 l/h

Supertif | PCND-H


Supertif | PCND-MOP & PCND-H-MOP

Pressure compensating no-drain mechanism dripper with medium opening pressure.
Pressure compensating and no-drain with differing sealing and opening pressures to suit your unique application.
PCND-MOP Flow rates: 1.10, 2.20, 3.85 l/.
PCND-H-MOP Flow rates: 1.60, 3.10, 5.30 l/h

Supertif | PCND-MOP & PCND-H-MOP


No Drain Drippers: What You Need To Know

Standard Pressure Compensating (PC) drippers provide a consistent flow rate over a wide pressure range to ensure uniformity regardless of run length or elevation.

No Drain (ND) drippers take this further by also sealing when pressure falls below a specified level.

The benefit of ND is that it keeps the pressure in the tube when the dripper is turned off enabling you to pulse irrigate. Without this feature, the system would drain at shut-off and would need to re-fill at each operation and water retribution along the irrigation flow will not be even

Quick Reference Pressure Chart for Rivulis Supertif Drippers

supertif dripper general table

The table above is for use as a general guide. Please consult your Rivulis representative for the exact performance specifications of each dripper.

Dripper Pressure Terminology


Eurodrip Corona

For precision drip irrigation, the Eurodrip Corona offers a range of reliable online drippers in both PC and PCND models.

Each dripper features a self-flushing mechanism that operates at start-up to help expel accumulated debris.

Combined with a high quality silicone diaphragm, Eurodrip Corona offers flexibility and reliability.

Corona PC

Pressure compensating for accurate flow over a wide range of pressures.
Flow rates: 2.15, 3.15, 4.15, 8.25, 26.20 l/.
A dripper outlet cover for 26.20 l/h models is available to diffuse the stream caused in high flow models.

Corona PC


Corona PCND

Pressure compensating and no-drain function for pulse irrigation applications.
Flow rates: 2.15, 3.15, 4.15, 8.25 l/.
Sealing pressure: 0.20 ba.
Opening pressure: 0.45 bar

Corona PCND



Rivulis E1000: Easy Take-Apart Dripper

Cost Effective

The Rivulis E1000 is a cost-effective dripper that that can be used standalone or also with tube and pegs. Available in flow rates of 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 l/h (calculated at 1 bar pressure).

Rivulis E1000


Easy Cleaning

Every pack of 1,000 drippers comes with a useful E1000 spanner. This specially designed spanner allows you to open your Rivulis E1000 dripper with ease. Once open, you have full access to the flow labyrinth allowing you to easily clean the dripper.

Multi function Port


Climate Control: Rivulis FLF Foggers

Rivulis FLF foggers, available in 1, 2 and 4 outlet options, provide the ultimate solution to increase humidity and lower ambient temperatures in your greenhouse.

Each nozzle is available in 5.4 and 10.5 l/h (3.5 bar pressure) models. This provides a maximum flow of 42 l/h for the 4 x 10.5 l/h nozzle option.

The average FLF droplet size is 70 microns resulting in a fine mist that evaporates quickly

Rivulis FLF Foggers Rivulis FLF Foggers


Dripper Pegs: Choosing The Correct Option

If you have more than one peg and tube per dripper, it is necessary to use an equalizer DripPeg that also has a flow equalizing labyrinth built in.

This reduces the risk that if one peg is lower than the other, it will expel more water than pegs at higher elevation. Therefore, when using multiple pegs per dripper, you should use DripPeg or Polytif which both have built in flow equalizing labyrinth.

Note: Rivulis DripPeg, Polytif, BarPeg and SnaPeg are designed for Rivulis E1000 and Rivulis Supertif only. Rivulis pegs can be used with Eurodrip Corona drippers by the use of Eurodrip 1, 2 or 4 way adaptors

Drippeg and Polytif

drippag polytif snapeg barpeg


Rivulis Supertif Applications with Dripper Pegs

Rivulis Supertif Applications with Dripper Pegs

Rivulis Supertif with 4-Way Multi Outlet and 4 x Rivulis DripPegs


Rivulis Supertif with direct connection to Rivulis SnapPeg

Rivulis Supertif with direct connection to Rivulis SnapPeg


Rivulis White Drip Line Solutions

Why consider using white drip line in your greenhouse?

White drip line or tube dramatically reduces the water temperature being delivered to the plants. This lower water temperature can significantly benefit crops, particularly young plants where feeder roots are more sensitive to water temperature. In addition, because the water temperature is lower, scaling is reduced, which reduces the risk of dripper clogging, and ultimately increases the lifespan of the drip line. In a field study comparing white drip lines to black drip lines, the water coming out of the white drip line was 10°C lower than the water from the black drip line. Rivulis white tubing is used in greenhouses, climate control and overhead irrigation systems. White tubing is available in 16, 20, and 25 mm. All Rivulis white tubing is produced using multi-layer technology with a black internal tube layer to prevent algae build-up.

Greenhouse tomato's


Rivulis White Hydro PC & PCND

The Rivulis White Hydro PC & PCND drip lines are the ideal solution for growing in both soil or soilless applications. The benefits include:

  • Strong round dripper with two outlets in every dripper.
  • Pressure compensating for same flow per dripper.
  • Unique Rivulis Hydro PC 12 mm low flow drip line available. Easier to transport and install, and requires half the amount of water to fill and drain compared to 16 mm drip line.
  • Rivulis Hydro PCND 16 and 20 mm No-Drain option available to stop water emitting at system shut-off (1.0 meter sealing pressure) enabling for pulse irrigation with a large diameter drip line.
  • Rivulis Hydro PCND is the leading soilless irrigation solution for growing in media channels.


Rivulis Hydro PCND Dripper :

Hydro PCND Dripper


Choosing Drip Irrigation for your Greenhouse


  • Greenhouse width
  • Greenhouse length
  • Bed / table width
  • Crop type and peak water demand
  • Growing size of the crop
  • Crop value

choose drip irrigation chart

choose drip irrigation chart


Germination & Overhead Irrigation

For greenhouses, even with drip irrigation, an overhead irrigation system including mist sprayers and/or micro sprinklers is often needed for germination, chemigation and sometimes as supplementary irrigation.

Note, you may choose to use overhead irrigation for all of your irrigation requirements; however, this is only suitable for specific crops that are durable to fungus and pests.


Mist Sprayers: Rivulis Rondo Mist Sprayer for Fine Seed Germination

If you are growing from fine seeds, it is best to use a mist sprayer in order to protect seeds from large droplets of conventional mini sprinklers.

A mister differs from a micro sprinkler by spreading very fine drops without a spinner.

Each droplet is approximately 150 microns in size, which is distributed in a uniform pattern of 2 meters on average.

The Rivulis Rondo Mist Sprayers deliver 47 to 61 l/h of water (at 3.0 bar pressure).

Rivulis Rondo Mist Sprayer


Micro Sprinklers: Rivulis Rondo – Inverted Application

The Rivulis Rondo Micro Sprinkler is one of the most trusted sprinklers worldwide.

Did you know that the Rivulis Rondo is also available in an inverted model, designed specifically for greenhouse irrigation? Available in a range of flow rates from 30 – 300 l/h (2.0 bar pressure) and two different spinner options (flat and convex), Rivulis Rondo can be customized to irrigate 5.0 – 10.8 meters diameter per sprinkler.

Micro Sprinklers: Rivulis Rondo


Convex Trajectory (Green Spinner)

Convex Trajectory green spinner

Provides a larger wetted diameter allowing for larger distance between sprinklers. However if using convex trajectory spinners, you will need to suspend the sprinkler down at least 65 cm to prevent droplets from hitting the greenhouse roof


Flat Trajectory (Blue Spinner)

Flat Trajectory Blue Spinner

Water droplets are spread horizontally from the sprinkler head. This enables the sprinkler to be suspended higher while decreasing the diameter of each sprinkler. This is mostly recommended for the greenhouse edges where less wetting of the plastic is required, or shorter wetting diameter is required. Note: Rivulis Rondo PC (RFR) models are only available with flat trajectory spinners.


Rivulis RFR: Pressure Compensated (PC) Rondo

The Rivulis RFR model is a reliable inverted model that contains an accurate flow regulating mechanism.

This simply means that a sprinkler receiving 1.5 bar of pressure will emit the same flow as a sprinkler receiving 3.0 bar of pressure. The result is better water distribution uniformity in your greenhouse


Climate Control: Humidity & Cooling

Greenhouses are designed to provide a mico-climate providing the optimal temperature needed to accelerate plant growth and provide versatility of crop growth without being restricted by the outside climate or relative humidity. The correct environment is critical for healthy plant growth. This environment can be achieved through the use of foggers that distribute fine water droplets into the air.

When foggers are used, they help increase the humidity in the air while also lowering the overall temperature in the greenhouse. Use foggers to reduce the air temperature and/or to increase the air humidity.


Create the Best Environment For Healthy Plant Growth with Foggers

  • The correct environment is critical for healthy plant growth. This environment can be achieved through the use of foggers that distribute fine water droplets into the air.
  • Use foggers to reduce the air temperature and/or to increase the air humidity.



Installation Considerations

To make sure that plants stay dry during the foggers activity, foggers should be installed in the highest position possible, ideally above the path. By calculating distance x temperature x humidity, it is possible to calculate the falling distance required for drops to evaporate. This helps minimize the risk of plant disease. The efficiency of a cooling system is subject to the relative humidity. The most common configuration for standard applications is 3 x 2 m (4 outlet option), however your Rivulis representative can assist you with calculating the FLF requirements for your greenhouse.


FLF Options: 1, 2 & 4 Way Outlets

FLF Options: 1, 2 & 4 Way Outlets


Benefits of Anti-Leak Mini Valves

The primary benefit of anti-leak valves is that they keep the system pressurized at shut-off.

After a shift is complete, the pressure will fall and the anti-leak valve will seal. This enables pulse irrigation because the system does not need to refill.

Another major benefit of anti-leak valves is that water will not drain, which could damage the crop below it.

Rivulis anti-leak valves are suitable for a wide range of Rivulis misters, sprinklers and foggers

Benefits of Anti-Leak Mini Valves


Design: Sprinklers, Misters & Foggers

When designing for sprinklers, you are measuring the coefficient of uniformity which is a 3D analysis where you want to achieve minimum 90% uniformity over the total area. This analysis includes the effect of sprinkler overlap.

When designing for drip, you are most commonly designing to minimize flow variation of 10% along each row. Effectively this is a two-dimensional analysis. Our team at the Rivulis Global Design centers have the expertise to help you design the sprinkler system for your greenhouse


Hydraulic design tool software


Rivulis S5000, S6000 and SuperXL Sprinklers

Rivulis S5000 & S6000 Plastic Impact Sprinkle.

A plastic impact sprinkler that sets itself apart with a stainless steel spring, high quality movement and a balanced mechanism. The Rivulis S5000 and S6000 sprinklers are equipped with state-of-the-art nozzles that provide perfect water distribution and uniformity

Flow rates:

  • S5000 Low Angle: 375 – 637 lph (2.5 bar) 1 nozzle
  • S5000 High Angle: 390 – 1286 lph (2.5 bar) 1 and 2 nozzle options
  • S6000 High Angle: 1200 – 2599 lph (3.0 bar ) 2 nozzle

Rivulis S5000 & S6000


Rivulis Super XL Silicone Drive Sprinkler

The Rivulis Super XL is a slow-rotating rotor sprinkler that sprays a single continuous stream of water reaching up to 17 m in diameter. The solid single stream makes the Rivulis SuperXL very effective for use in greenhouse roof applications and for sensitive crop irrigation. Flow rates: 191, 235, 290 and 341 lph (2.5 bar)

Rivulis Super XL Silicone Drive Sprinkler


Choosing Overhead Irrigation / Climate Control for your Greenhouse Application

Choosing Overhead Irrigation / Climate Control for your Greenhouse Application chart

Choosing Overhead Irrigation / Climate Control for your Greenhouse Application chart


Product Information

Product Information Supertif PC
Pressure compensating | Operating pressure range: 0.60-3.50 bar (25 lph model: 1.0-3.5 bar) | Install with 2 mm punch tool


Product Information Supertif PCND
Pressure compensating, No-Drain | Operating pressure range: 0.70-3.50 bar | Sealing pressure: 0.15 bar Install with 2 mm punch tool


Product Information PCND-H
Pressure compensating, No-Drain high sealing pressure | Operating pressure range: 1.20-3.50 bar | See page 4 for additional specifications | Install with 2 mm punch tool


Product Information Supertif PCND-MOP and PCND-H-MOP

Product Information Supertif Vacuum Dripper

Product Information Corona PC & PCND

Operating pressure range: 0.5-4.0 bar | PCND sealing pressure: 0.2 bar | PCND opening pressure: 0.45 bar | Install with 3.0 mm punch tool. * Conic – for use with single, 2 & 4 way branching adaptors. Use only with Eurodrip Corona adaptors.


Product Information E1000 Dripper

Flow rates calculated at: 1.0 bar | Operating pressure range: 0.8-2.0 bar | Install with 2 mm punch tool


Product Information Rivulis Dripper Accessories

Product Information DripPeg Snapeg barpeg polytif

Product Information Rondo Mist Sprayer Head

Product Information Rondo Micro Sprinkler Head

Product Information Rondo Micro Sprinkler Head
Operating pressure range: 1.5 – 2.5 bar (Rondo), 1.5 – 3.5 bar (RFR) | Flow rate calculated at 2.0 bar | Wetting diameter: 5.0 – 10.8m, according to Flow Rate and Spinner | Inlet: Conic female (Rondo) / 3/8” THM (RFR)


Rondo Accessories chart

Product Information FLF
Operating pressure range: 3.5 – 5.0 bar | Flow rate calculated at 3.5 bar | Inlet: Conic female or barb | All models of FLF-1 outlet come pre-installed with anti-leak valve. Operating pressure range: 2.5 – 4.0 bar | Flow rate calculated at 3.0 bar | Inlet : Conic female


Product Information Anti leak Valves

Quick Reference guide Greenhouse Drippers

* Barb available for 4.15 l/h and 8.25 l/h


Quick Reference Guide Greenhouse Sprinklers


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