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H6500 PE Layflat

H6500 PE Layflat

Rivulis H6500 PE Layflat
The New Standard in Layflat Technology

The Rivulis H6500 PE Layflat delivers a new standard of layflat with outlets directly mold-injected into the layflat creating a strong and durable weld between the outlets and the hose for durability and easy installation in field.
The Rivulis H6500 PE Layflat delivers a new standard of layflat with a seamless PE pipe with outlets directly mold-injected into it.

The benefits include:

  • Longer Product Life: No need to manually cut holes in the layflat
  • No leakage around the outlet
  • Easy and Fast to install with Less Maintenance: Saving time and labor

“I used the H6500 layflat with pre-installed outlets from Rivulis this season and it worked great and I had no issues or leaks. I found it very easy to use, roll-up and transport. The best part of the product is that it worked with my standard fittings. I did not have to purchase special components—the H6500 works with what I have already and this made it a great deal easier to use.” Patrick Wiggin ,NORCAL SEED, USA


Available in USA and Turkey only.


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