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D5000 The greatest drip line on Earth (and under it)

Trusted in the driest, the steepest, the remotest, the most intensive environments, and in the places with the dirtiest water.

With so much pressure on growers, challenging terrain and conditions, and with very little innovation in drip line technology in many years, Rivulis set out to make a real difference.
Using the latest technology and innovation mixed with some of the world’s greatest minds in irrigation engineering, we set out to design the most reliable and durable irrigation that would work in even the harshest places on earth. A drip line designed and manufactured to such a high level that it lets nothing get in its way.

The greatest drip line on Earth (and under it), the Rivulis D5000 PC Drip Line.
The most significant advancement in pressure compensating drip technology in the past decade. Every component maximized for outstanding performance and long-term resistance to clogging.

It’s trusted in the driest, the steepest, the remotest and the most intensive environments and in the places with the dirtiest water. In fact, it’s trusted on every populated continent on earth. So trusted that we’ve made enough to circle the Earth 20 times.
The breakthrough flat pressure compensating dripper has set new standards, so you can stop worrying about it ever stopping. Because unlike other drippers that lay each component next to each other, the D5000 PC stacks each component on top of each other to give the largest filtration area, the widest labyrinth and the largest outlet pool.
That means 300% more functional filtration area compared to its main competitor. So even if one inlet filter on the D5000 PC does get blocked, there’s 39 more to keep it going. And to always keep it flowing, we developed a bigger, taller and wider flow labyrinth to prevent clogging, that amazingly fits in the same space as a traditional one, yet expels more contaminants. Then combined with a self-cleaning mechanism to expel any contaminants that enter the dripper.
And if you’re concerned about soil ingestion at shutoff, in the D5000 AS dripper we added anti-siphoned diaphragm technology to kick into action when there is negative pressure in the hose, giving you even more peace of mind.
Then the pressure compensating mechanism ensures that every plant is getting the same water application, even in the most challenging terrain.
The Rivulis D5000; the greatest drip line on Earth, and under it!

Which PC drip line provides the best clogging resistance? To find out, we injected 100-500 micron sand and silica into drip lines under lab conditions. After 6 weeks we counted how many drippers clogged – ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? vs 2 leading competitors. See for yourself…
Don’t compromise your plant’s life source:

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