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Rivulis’ Full Circle Sustainability Program Launched in California

The Sustainability Program Captures and Reuses Tape
Today, Rivulis is doing even more to conserve resources by capturing used tape and reusing it in new products. Rivulis’ Full Circle Sustainability program in California (USA) is a closed-loop recycling program that helps reduce waste and the need to use primary resources to produce the resins needed to manufacture new tape and other drip line products. 


Available for growers who use Rivulis Vegi-HE Tape in Seven Counties Along the Central Coast in the United States
The Full Circle Sustainability program focuses on Rivulis’ Vegi-HE tape used exclusively in vegetable applications with a crop cycle of only four to six weeks where growers use new tape every growing season and crop rotation. Currently, the program is available to producers in seven counties along California Central Coast (USA) where the majority of lettuce and other short-cycle vegetable crops are grown. Thanks to Rivulis, this used Vegi-HE tape is now captured, recycled, and reused in many new, high-quality Rivulis products including heavy wall drip lines that have a life cycle of up to 15 years or more.  


GROW BEYOND while securing a sustainable future
Rivulis is proud to be a part of the incredible agriculture industry that feeds the world and to work with growers and our business partners to GROW BEYOND season after season while securing a sustainable future for all. We invite you to learn more and join the Rivulis Full Circle Sustainability program at

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