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D1000 Thin Wall Drip Line Recognized for Innovation at the EIMA Show

Rivulis Irrigation debuted a new thin wall drip tape at the EIMA Show in Bologna, Italy and was recognized by the Committee for Technical Innovation. The committee reviewed the product and awarded Rivulis Irrigation with a certificate at the show in November.

Rivulis Irrigation exhibited the D1000 Thin Wall Drip Line as well as other industry leading irrigation products like T-Tape Drip TapeRo-Drip Drip TapeSupertif Flow Regulated DripperD5000 Flow Regulated Drip LineS2000 Micro Sprinkler and the premium drip tape – Rivulis Reserve.

D1000 Thin Wall Drip Tape: 

The D1000 Drip Line with ActiveFlex™ technology offers the agriculture industry’s most advanced thin wall drip line. Driven by Rivulis Irrigation’s extensive knowledge of and experience in developing and manufacturing the world’s best drip tapes and drip lines, the D1000 Drip Line with the ActiveFlex™ technology combines the best of both types of drip product technologies into this next generation product.

Like drip tape, the D1000 Drip Line is manufactured with thin walls (6 and 8 mil) and has a slit outlet that is ideal for subsurface applications. Because the D1000 Drip Line utilizes a molded dripper, it produces very accurate flow rates and superior plug resistance. With all its features, the D1000 Drip Line with ActiveFlex™ technology delivers enhanced performance in your field.

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