Potential clogging test

Rivulis has a Potential Clogging Test available.

Within the kit, there are two tests – one for groundwater and one for open water.
The tests contain a flow regulator, so the pressure does not matter.



Groundwater test

1. Run water for three minutes.


2. A mini sand separator will show the ppm of the sand in the water content.


Open water test

  • 1. Select the screen to test.

  • 2. Run the water.

  • 3. The test has a built in pressure differential that counts the time.

  • 4. The time taken for the pressure differential is the amount of time it will take for that screen to clog.



The Rivulis Potential Clogging Test is connected to the ISO standard for filtration performance and is available from your Rivulis representative/dealer.




  • Type (e.g. reservoir, well)

  • Availability – max discharge (m3/h) (gpm)

  • Constraints (e.g. legal/government)


Understanding of key water quality elements

  • Physical – inorganic and organic matter

  • Chemical – dissolved minerals, minor elements, salt, acidity (pH)

  • Filtration test – guidance to the level of filtration that you will require

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