Consideration 6: Your energy

For some reason, energy use is not discussed enough.


Be careful: Too many systems cut corners in the system components to lower the upfront price, but make the system more costly to operate. A common example is smaller mainlines that require higher pressure to move the same volume of water, which equates to higher pump requirements, and subsequent energy consumption.

Our advice – balance your upfront installation cost only in consideration of what your operating cost will be so you have the full picture. If something has a significantly lower upfront price, ask what the ongoing energy consumption will be and make the “full picture” comparison.


Regarding energy, here are the questions you need to ask:

What is your energy source – diesel, electrical, solar?

What is the current water pressure (static water level)?

What is the cost of energy (e.g. $/KWh)?

Are there different energy costs that vary during the time of day (e.g. night tariffs)?

What is the cost for installation (e.g. supply lines of 3-phase power can be expensive)?

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