Making the complex simple

Designing large and complex irrigation systems with pen and paper, spreadsheets or other basic tools is slow and time consuming, and can be full of inaccuracies and errors. But with WCADI irrigation design software, you can be confident in your design solution.

Main pipe design and network analysis
  • 5,000 nodes
  • 5,000 sections
  • 99 cases (water sources) per project
  • 25 shifts
Block design
  • 5,000 subareas
  • 5,000 blocks per subarea
  • 5,000 laterals per block
  • 150 sprinklers per branch
  • 5,000 emitters per lateral
Special features
  • Survey
  • Clement method for network analysis
  • Material list
  • Calculation and simulation during lateral flushing
Hydraulic calculation modules
  • Single diameter
  • Multi diameter
  • Lateral max run length calculator
  • Max length graphical
  • Optimize section
Lateral flushing
  • PRV auto placement (block)
  • Laterals along elevation contours



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