How to connect

Thin wall drip line/tape → H6000/H6500 PE submain

Rivulis H6000/H6500 PE layflat has pre-installed threaded outlets in the layflat itself. This avoids the need (and labor) to cut the layflat and insert connectors. It also provides a leak-free seal that does not stretch or wear.

Either T or elbow take-offs (start-connectors) are screwed into the outlets of the H6000/H6500 layflat, or installed using a quick connector take-off. Either thin wall tape or drip line is connected to the take-off using the screw connector.

Before deploying the hose, prepare a shallow ditch for the H6000 to be installed


When rolling, ensure that outlets face up


Avoid sharp angles. H6000 elbow connectors are available where 90° connections are required.


Install start connectors into outlets


Install drip line / drip tape


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