For this section of the module, we will look at the various areas of installation, with an emphasis on the drip laterals.




There are hazards associated with working with farm and irrigation equipment. You must educate yourself about all the health hazards related to your work and the proper safety means, including by consulting with safety professionals, read manufacturers safety sheets, and comply with all local safety standards and regulations before use. Safety guidelines may include, among others, correct lifting techniques, safety instructions for working around vehicles and heavy equipment, use of machinery including earth moving equipment, tractors, and tractor implements such as irrigation installation implements, use of glues/solvents, use of irrigation equipment and pressurized water, use of electrical equipment, and for agriculture in general.

All photos and illustrations are indicative as a general guide only as product, equipment, application of use, and local regulations may differ. All instructions, photos and illustrations are subordinate to the instructions of the manufacturer of such equipment and to applicable safety laws and regulations.

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