Completing the questionnaire – energy & irrigation time data

Section C relates to your energy and scheduling.

You can read more at irrigation shifts and irrigation scheduling. If you are not familiar with these concepts, or you would like to know how to calculate this information, refer to these relevant pages.

Below is a summary of each question:

  • Interval (days) – the time between irrigation shifts of the same block.
  • Energy type – specify if electric pump, diesel pump, or gravity pressure only.
  • Max available time (h/day) – this is the maximum number of hours you can irrigate. As discussed in Consideration 6: Your energy, you may have energy limitations to consider (or benefits such as lower cost tariffs times), or as discussed in Consideration 5: Your water source, you may have limited water availability (e.g. water source capacity, or multiple uses for the same water source).
  • Irrigation shift/operation time – this is analyzed in-depth in the following sections. However, in short, here you specify the time required in order to provide the daily water demand of the crop at peak flow requirement.


The formula:

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