Installation equipment

Daily inspection of installation equipment is required
There are various options for installation, but no matter what you use, vigilant daily inspection is required, especially of any parts that come into contact with the drip laterals.

Get out your stocking!

An effective way to find edges that will damage your tube is to pull some stockings through the installation shank with light tension.

If you find that the stocking is damaged when you pull it through, you know that there is a problem that will also damage your drip tube.


Friction burns

Friction burns are a risk for thin wall products (especially) that have cardboard discs.

It occurs when the tape rubs against the cardboard discs during installation.

Prevention methods:

  • Ensure that the rolls can spin smoothly

  • Use a well-designed tension brake system. The purpose is to stop the rolls spinning (freewheeling), as this can cause the tube to trap itself against the sides of the cardboard roll

  • Wood or metal disks should be used to support the cardboard discs


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