Reading pressure levels

All pressure gauges should be read and recorded for the new system, and then on a regular basis after.

Pressure variance diagnoses


Possible Problem

Large pressure drop across filters

  • Debris buildup in filters
  • Inadequate flushing of filters

Gradual pressure decrease at filter inlet

  • Pump wear
  • Other water supply problems

Sudden pressure decrease at filter outlet

  • Damaged or broken lateral
  • Damaged or broken submain
  • Damaged or broken mainline
  • Pressure regulator failure
  • Water supply failure – check flow rates

Gradual pressure increase at filter outlet

  • Emitter clogging
  • Other flow restriction – check flow rates

Sudden pressure increase at filter outlet

  • Stuck control valve
  • Other flow restriction – check flow rates

Sudden pressure decrease at submain

  • Damaged or broken lateral – check flow rates

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