Leak cause – insect damage

In some regions, insect damage to thin wall drip lines and tapes is a major problem.

What do look for?

Look for “nibbling” – multiple small bites in the tube itself.


There are three methods to protect your drip line/tape:

  • Use a heavier wall thickness of drip lateral.

  • Use insecticides (spray) where permitted.

  • Use Rivulis Defend.


Protection of your drip lines & tapes with Rivulis Defend

Rivulis Defend is the world’s first drip line & drip tape capable to defend itself against insect damage using patent pending technology to protect itself.

Rivulis Defend has an active insecticide substance* embedded directly into the drip line/tape. One taste and insects won’t return – with no significant damage to the drip line/tape.



*Either the pyrethroid deltamethrin or bifenthrin (bifenthrin is not used in drip lines/tapes sold in the EU), which controls the pests – the “active material”. For more information on the exact substance used, please see the product label/packaging. Rivulis Defend is not available in all countries. Consult your local Rivulis representative to see if Rivulis Defend is available in your area.

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