Number 7. Correct fertigation regimes

The emphasis of the headline here is “correct”.

Using the correct fertigation regime in your irrigation system will yield the incredible benefits and cost savings of drip fertigation. An incorrect fertigation regime unfortunately can clog your system.

Important: Fertilizers should not be injected at the same time that pesticides or chlorine are being injected.

Some chemicals and fertilizers mentioned in this section are dangerous and their use is subject to local laws/regulations. To learn about the health and environmental hazards and the required safety means related to such materials – refer to the safety data sheets of such materials.

Any information provided by Rivulis in this module about the chemical or fertilizer treatment or chemical materials (including safety information and handling recommendations), is provided as a general service only. Rivulis is not a treatment material or fertilizer manufacturer and cannot guarantee that this information is sufficient, complete or accurate and cannot notify you in case of changes in any handling guidelines. Therefore, prior to use, you must carefully learn about the hazards related to and the safe performance and use of such treatments and materials, including by reading the relevant material safety data sheets (MSDS), and consult with applicable professionals. Using such materials is at your own risk.

All guidelines mentioned in the module regarding the use of such materials are subordinate to the instructions of the manufacturer of such materials and to applicable safety and environment laws.

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