Important oxidizing treatment guidelines

  • Chlorine and peroxide are dangerous substances. Follow carefully the manufacturer’s instructions and local regulations. All information contained in this module is secondary to local laws and manufacturer instructions.
  • Contact of concentrated chlorine or peroxide solutions may cause severe burns. While handling such materials, use suitable protective wear, including resistant gloves and boots.
  • Protective goggles must be worn at all times, as contact of chlorine/peroxide with eyes can cause severe injuries and blindness.
  • Inhaling chlorine vapor and swallowing chlorine or peroxide solution may be fatal and must be avoided.
  • Do not leave the site during a chlorine/peroxide treatment unattended. Ensure only authorized access during treatment.
  • Avoid interaction between these oxidizing chemicals and fertilizers, especially fertilizers that contain urea or ammonium. Any storage vessels to be filled with chlorine/peroxide solution must be washed thoroughly to ensure all fertilizer and other chemicals are removed first. A reaction may cause a dangerous explosion.
  • Do not mix acid and concentrated chlorine or peroxide solutions, this can generate deadly gas.
  • Chlorine and peroxide solutions lose effectiveness during storage, especially while exposed to light. Store concentrated chemicals and diluted mixture in the shade and do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not store for a long period.
  • Reaction and calibration tests must be determined before injecting chlorine/peroxide into your system.
  • The pump sensitivity to the concentrated chlorine and peroxide should be considered.
  • Before performing an aggressive chlorine treatment, always ask for the approval of the farm’s agronomist, as high amounts of chlorine can damage sensitive crops, especially under a regime of high frequency irrigation and growing substrate.
  • The pH of the water impacts chlorine effectiveness. This is reviewed in detail later in this chapter.



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