When to fertigate

Inject fertilizer during the latter part of the irrigation cycle to reduce the risk of it leaching past the root zone.

However, be sure to operate the system long enough after to completely purge the fertilizer from the laterals to avoid algae and bacteria growth. Clogging is likely to occur if algae and bacteria are allowed to grow and feed on the residual fertilizer left in the laterals.

The “travel time” required to transport fertilizers to the end of a long (over 300 m) drip lateral can be up to 60 minutes depending on slope and flow rate. Travel times through mainlines and submains must also be considered. Several software packages are available that calculate travel time within laterals.


Consider using the “25% rule” of fertilizer injection

During the first 25% of the irrigation cycle, only clear water is delivered through the laterals. Fertilizer is injected for the next 50% of the cycle, then clear water is again used for the final 25%.


Water soluble fertilizer compatibility table

Fertilizer interactions must be considered. Below are some common interactions to be aware of.

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