Compared to the rest of the irrigation systems, the pump has the most moving parts. Making sure these
moving parts are lubricated and receive proper cooling is important.


Before the irrigation season

Centrifugal pumps

  • Where there is a trash screen, clean and install it properly. If a trash screen or stone collector is installed – clean it.

  • Check the foot valve on the suction line operates properly – pump priming depends on this.

  • If you are using a submersible pump – check that it’s sufficiently submerged.

  • Replace bearing oil or lubricate bearings with grease.

  • Start pump and check for normal operation.


Electrical works must only be made by licensed professionals and according to local laws and regulations.

Internal combustion engines

  • Check coolant level and make sure the radiator is clean and air can flow freely through and around it.

  • Check oil level in crankcase and bring the level up to the proper mark on the dipstick.

  • Remove spark plugs and spray cylinder walls with a light engine oil.

  • Lubricate all engine accessories.

  • Start engine, run slowly for a few minutes, monitor the oil pressure, and if it fails to come up to the correct reading, stop the engine and investigate the cause.


Electric motors

  • Change motor bearing oil with a special type of lubricant, do not overfill, use grease gun to lubricate bearings.

  • Check that motor ventilation vents are open; clean dust and dirt from all moving parts of motor and panel.

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections, replace overheated connections with new material, check that all conduct points are corrosion free.

  • Operate all moving parts by hand and check they are able to move freely.


After the irrigation season

Centrifugal pumps

  • Drain all the water from pump and connecting pipelines; where possible, remove suction lines and store them.

  • Cover the shaft and any exposed metal, and all oil or grease lubricated bearings with protective lubricant.

  • Clean debris and any other material from impeller and volute.


Internal combustion engines

  • Lubricate all accessories and seal all openings airtight, including air cleaner inlet, exhaust outlet, and crankcase breather tube, with weatherproof masking tape.

  • Spray all accessories and electrical equipment with a suitable insulating compound.

  • Remove the battery and store fully charged.

  • Where the engine is in the open, cover with waterproof material.


Electric motors

  • Ensure that all bearings are well lubricated.

  • Cover the motor to protect against rodents, insects, and dust, but provide sufficient ventilation.

  • Lock control box in “off” position and cover with a canvas when exposed in the open to protect against moisture and dust.

  • Test and validate the switchboard (e.g. sealed, clean).


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